The start of the idea!


Nov. 23. 2018 / LISBOA


You just write a postcard to Madonna because she lives around the corner from you in Lisboa & you just joking by thinking she will actually get the postcard. Well, the door opened at MADONNA´s House in Lisboa & the postcard exchanged hands. It was Crazy!

So that night, I listened to a lot of songs by Madonna! One song was so inspirational, that I had a new idea. THE HONEYMOON X EXHIBITION / 4Min. TO SAVE THE WORLD!

We invite all artist to create 4Min. ART to save the WORLD! Painting, music, cooking…Anything! Be creative to save the world. Anyone can take part to contribute something to save the world even your kids!

So UPLOAD your artworks and your +- 4Min. videos to:


And we are planning to show the most creative WORKS of ART in 2019 / 2020, Palma de Mallorca





My contribution to the HONEYMOON X EXHIBITION / 4 Min. TO SAVE THE WORLD!