Dominik Wein, born in Frankfurt/M, started painting at the age of 7. In the 80s & 1990s, he pioneered blending different art styles together.


His paintings and all of his other works were all combined for the first time in THE HISTORY EXHIBITION (2010-2020). This earned Dominik recognition across Europe and beyond.


The ART is cutting edge and evolving. It has continued for MANY years, expanding all the time. Making Dominik Wein truly one of the most versatile artists around. / J&T



„A brand new genre“

Dominik Wein is a pioneer in this surprising fusion of film, photography, digital and traditional art. He is currently living and working between Berlin/Germany and Alaró/Spain.

Wein, was born in Frankfurt/Main Germany, grew up, graduated high school and studied design in South Africa. He did various internships in film and digital imaging in Los Angeles, Johannesburg and Munich.

Wein started painting at the age of 7. His first sold painting was an oil painting of Willian Shakespeare that he sold at age 21. In the 1990s Wein was one of the best booked digital artists in Europe, creating digital collages for companies like FOCUS, ELLE, The Jane Goodall Institute and Virgin Records. He also created the first digital art poster for FC Bayern Munich.

He was one of the first artists to combine digital processes and traditional art. Wein pioneered a digital/analog camera as he brought film into his art. But the ART scene told him to stick to ONE style!

So, from 2010 to 2020, he created THE HISTORY EXHIBITION...

In this exhibition, he used many pseudonyms for many different art styles. He wrote stories around the pseudonyms and an unbelievable art family was born.

The ART scene and press loved this concept and Weins exhibition was shown in many different galleries. THE HISTORY EXHIBITION included Street Art, Classic romantic paintings, Digital/Sand paintings, Pop Art, Sculptures, Films, Magic Lucia, GEES Power, HERR WEIN, Book: „The Devil lives in Berlin“, Collages, Music and Fashion.

Creating all the artwork, Dominik Wein made a name for himself.

2021, He created two more art styles - - + Paintings & Action Paintings and signed the ART under his own NAME again! Every painting has many different levels, it is a combination of all his skills.

Wein is also working on a new film called HIS STORY, based on THE HISTORY EXHIBITION.