Fictional Film
(in progress)

Based on a TRUE STORY!
All characters are fictional!
The ART is real!

The artist Dominik Wein is planning a FILM about
This is HIS journey throw the ART scene in an unbelievable story!




One month's idea turned into a 10-year ART project. The artist Dominik Wein decided that he wanted to explore alternative artistic styles. In order for the ART scene to accept this, he created various art names (pseudonyms) and called them "his family"...

He wrote stories around the pseudonyms and an unbelievable art family was born. The ART scene and press loved this concept and Weins exhibition was shown in many different galleries.

THE HISTORY EXHIBITION included Street Art, Classic romantic paintings, Digital/Sand paintings, Pop Art, Sculptures, Films, Magic Lucia Cream, GEES Power Lemonade, HERR WEIN Wines, Book: "The Devil lives in Berlin", Collages, Music and Fashion.

Creating all the artwork, Dominik Wein made a name for himself...

















Premiere expected in 2023!