"Many years back I had an idea for a thriller called CIRCUMSTANCES
A film trailer was created… ! Then terrible „circumstances“ happened and the film was never made...
So, I made many films by myself...." ad









BLACK WHITE BLUR by Dominik Wein

A great movie! A wonderfully told film,
which conveys a very personal picture of South Africa



A documentary by Dominik Wein, who spent his childhood years in South Africa and returned
to his past as a grown-up man together with his camera.

The concept of the Film (53 Min.) is blending interviews and locations
to the rthythm of South African jazz music by Carlo Mombelli & The Prisoners of Strange.
It ́s a kaleidoscope, showing that South Africa is not Black or White. Its a blur with lots of color blended together.

You will see school friends of the filmmaker, simple people on the streets and originals like Queen Zara,
or Patricia de Lille at Atlantis by Cape Town and many others
of this wonderful country.









In 2009, Dominik made a bet:
To shoot a short film without a crew & even play the lead!
(Story, Production, Director, Camera, Effects, Cut)

Budget $ 100






"Then I had an idea to make another documentary BUT
something much more magnificent came out.
An UNbelievable STORY with real ART..."





When I was 3 years old, my parents thought it was a good idea to move to Mallorca, Spain
and then when I was 7 we moved to South Africa. So I grew up in Johannesburg -
an important fact for the rest of my story:
I was always separated from my family in Europa. To handle this dramatic time,
I began painting and remained faithful to my art to this day.

At the age of 33, I traveled to Berlin for the first time. But on the first day, I had an encounter that would change my life forever. It was early autumn. The sun was still quite warm. I used the good weather and strolled down the boulevard 'Unter den Linden'.

I went into an old bookshop. Instinctively, I took the first book from a stack. The title was 'THE DEVIL LIVES IN BERLIN'. I was amazed when I saw the author´s picture on the back cover. He looked very similar to me, only much older and his name was MAXIMILIAN WEIN...

This was the first step to finding a whole new Family.

This is the true story behind the illusion of one the most creative art families in the world!