A brand new genre


Dominik Wein
is a pioneer in this surprising fusion
of film, photography, digital and traditional art.

Wein, was born in Frankfurt/Main Germany,
grew up, graduated high school and studied design
in South Africa.

He did various internships in film and
digital imaging in L.A,
Johannesburg and Munich.

He is currently living and working
between Berlin, Germany and
Santa Maria del Cami, Spain.


First solo exhibition
BLACK WHITE BLUR 2004 in Cape Town marks the beginning
of numerous solo and group exhibitions in different galleries.


combines a variety of art forms along with storytelling
and filmmaking, creating a new genre and bringing out
wonderful pieces of art, in many different styles.

This EXHIBITION is cutting edge and evolving.
It has continued for a number of years, expanding all the time.


His family tree is art for the sake of art. His story is about freedom
Mallorca Zeitung

With the „History“ project, Wein has created a platform that allows him artistically much
Tip Berlin

Films, art, and other products were created in this art project. Like the wine label HERR WEIN




My parents moved to Mallorca when I was 3 years old and
at the age of seven, we immigrated to South Africa.
The only thing I missed was my family in Europe.

We moved around quite a lot,
so I went to 13 different schools. But every cloud has a
silver lining and in South Africa, I learned that variety is a great gift.

However when I moved to Berlin - one of most interesting
places for me as an artist - I was told,
I should stick to one art style.

I wanted to be free!

So as many artists before me, I created a new art name for a different art style.
A pseudonym! But as I wanted to do lots of different styles,
I created lots of different names and I called them my family.

VINO to WEIN! That is how THE HISTORY EXHIBITION started...

So for every style, I have a different pseudonym.
For example: Street art by Kim Wein, Paintings by Alessandro Vino,
Book by Maximilian Wein, Fashion by Harvey Wein and so on.

For the first time in my life,
I could do anything I wanted, create, invent and present.
Now everything was possible! Dominik Wein




Street Art
Classic romantic paintings
Sand paintings
Pop Art
Magic Lucia Cream
GEES Power Lemonade
HERR WEIN wine label
Vini Wein (Boxer)
Book: The devil lives in Berlin
Digital collages



Parts of
were shown at:

Platoon Cultural Development / Berlin
Mianki Gallery / Berlin
Neue Kunst Gallery / Karlsruhe
JRGallery / Berlin
Galerie Simon Nolte / Portocolom
Ca sĀ“Apotecari / Santa Maria del Cami






PLATOON BERLIN Photography by Marco Herzog