Dominik Wein is a pioneer in this surprising fusion
of film, photography, digital media and traditional art.
He is an artist, a filmmaker, a storyteller and a entrepreneur.

With his HISTORY EXHIBITION “An UNbelievable family story”
he combines a variety of art forms along with storytelling
and filmmaking, creating a new genre and bringing out
wonderful pieces of art, in many different styles.

He also produces ARTproducts like GEES, HERR WEIN
& MAGIC LUCIA. This EXHIBITION is cutting edge and evolving.
It has continued for a number of years, expanding all the time.
Making Dominik truly an artist, with one of the
most versatile and interesting Exhibitions.

(Parts of this Exhibition were shown at)
Platoon Cultural Development
mianki gallery
Neue Kunst Gallery












The story of Lucia by Dominik Wein

As was the case with Picasso and Miro, Alessandro Vino also came to Mallorca to paint. Alessandro visited long before Picasso and Miro, first arriving in 1873 at the age of 40 - he spent one winter on the island.

In the little town of Santa Maria he became involved with the daughter of an olive tree farmer. Her name was Maria – she was born in 1853 and she died in 1931.

Early in 1874, Alessandro returned to Rome without knowing that Maria was pregnant. At that time being pregnant without a husband was a disgrace. Maria had a good friend who was a pharmacist and he agreed to marry her. Although they were only friends and their relationship remained platonic, he agreed to become the legal father of the new born child, Lucia.

During 1874, Lucia Cruz Delgado was born. As a child she worked in her father’s pharmacy and with the skills that she learned, she became one of the youngest pharmacists ever. Her relentless persuit of wanting to create the perfect face cream was rewarded in 1893 when she had success with a cream that she called ‘La Magia del Lucia’.

Later in life, she fell in love with a photographer from Barcelona who took photos of her for a newspaper. She and Antonio Ruiz Vicario married and had seven children. In 1914 she and her husband and all seven children immigrated to the USA. Before boarding the ship in Mallorca her mother Maria gave her a letter … she was only allowed to open it while on the ship to America.

Imagine her surprises … the Letter explained that her real father was Alessandro Vino!







von Lars Kreye, Fotos: Bendgens
"Mallorca Zeitung"
Nr. 884 - 13. April 2017