Dominik Wein is a pioneer in this surprising fusion of film, photography, digital media and traditional art, overcoming the traditional boundaries, wherein technology and tradition now inspire each other instead of competing. His work provide us with proof that the new century is here, demonstrating a world in which the internet, as well as brushes and canvas are now a part of the artists world.

Born in Frankfurt/M, Germany, Dominik Wein spent the majority of his youth in South Africa. He developed a fascination for films, photos, paintings and all manner of visual imagery.

BUT he did not only want to paint. In a relentless pursuit, he gaining knowledge and experience in all aspects of contemporary art. After completing his design degree in Johannesburg, his abilities carried him firstly into the world of film and television production in South Africa. This apprenticeship was soon followed by a period in L.A.

Whilst in America, it became clear to Dominik that the key to his creative future was to continually embrace new systems, methods and technologies as they appeared, to quickly master them and in doing so, prepare himself for what would appear over the horizon next.



Based on films, drawings and photos that Dominik Wein had taken from around the world, this Exhibition was created. The „style“ of the art went the full circle blending in styles that he did with digital collages, Classic Romantic Paintings, STREET ART TO GO and SUPER COOL UNPAINTED! >>>


Now he stacked stories and techniques above one another in various vertical levels. As an installation. Passionate. „HISTORY / HIS STORY“ combined a variety of Art/Film formats all about a family tree. Each branch has its own way, acts as a virtuoso, so to speak. „A brand new genre was created!“ Out of this exhibitions, Dominik Wein created the Art Wine Label HERR WEIN. >>>



In 2004 Wein traveled back to South Africa. He came back with a new exhibitions and a documentary film, called BLACK WHITE BLUR. >>>




In 1999 he combined digital and traditional painting. The PERSPECTIVES Exhibition was exhibited in Munich and Berlin. PGM sold Art Poster worldwide. >>>



In 1993 Dominik started with digital collages. He created a cover for a Digital Art Magazine. More then a 1000 collages followed. But he also still painted.



At the age of 7 Dominik Wein started to paint!